Potential List of Ministers


The historic proclamation has made it to the public after some delay, however, the cabinet is yet to get its full shape. Some of the alliance members are still contemplating on the names of the potential ministers while we are yet to see some further disagreements on the division of portfolio. The expansion of the cabinet has been overshadowed by the house proclamation and the peace talks which was given a boost with the arrival of Mahara in Kathmandu. Yet, Deshantar weekly has made public the names of the potential ministers as proposed by the political parties.

As per the agreement so far, there will be 7 ministers from NC, 6 from UML,4 from NC(D), 1 from Sadvawana,1 from Janmorcha and 2 from the civil society. Here is the list of potential ministers:

Nepali Congress:3 from Baldev Sharma, Dilendra Badu, Mina Pandey, Kamala Pant, Kashi Poudel and Binayadhoj Chand.

UML:Pradip Gyawali, Rajendra Pandey, Mangal Siddhi Manandhar, Urmila Aryal, and Dhrama Shah

NC(D):Gyanendra Bahadur Shah, Ramesh Lekhak and two more.

Sadvawana: 1 from Rajendra Mahato and Hridayadesh Tripati

Janmorcha: 1 from Pari Thapa and Lilamani Pokhrel

Civil Society: Laxman Aryal and Padhmaratna Tuladhar

Let us hope that the cabinet gets its full shape soon and the country heads back to its normal life. We are tired of all these changes and we need some stability in the nation not only for the peace of mind but also for business growth and prosperity.

(source: Based on the news from Deshantar Saptahik,Jestha 07,2062)


4 Responses to “Potential List of Ministers”

  1. hellboy Says:

    all are the wolves’s in sheep clothing. No new faces, all the same corrupt people that nepalese hesitate to see them again.

  2. sharma.santosh Says:

    well taking about of the potentials of peoples.
    some are omnipotentials but many are just……….
    but we have no options if we are not getting into polticis ourself we should have that much patience of being ruled by the peoples having lower potentials then us
    And that is the fact.we can just hope that these figures would do good this time do not forget any mischieves would not be tolerated by the peoples now.
    that’s it!

  3. sanobhai Says:

    They are corrupt because of us. We vote for them. We bring them to power. Then, we don’t watch them actively – we let them do whatever they want. On top of that, we bribe them to get our work done fast.

    If the civic society is stronger (it might be stronger everyday), there will be less corruption.

  4. dreamnepal Says:

    I agree with with you guys. Unless we act ourselves, we have little to expect from these leaders. However, as Sanobhai said, if the civic society is strong, there will be less corruption. We cannot eradicate it completely though…there will always be some suckers…

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