Journalists Also Fell for Corruption


The "White Paper" disclosed by the finance minister Mahat made public the corruption made by the journalists as well. According to Dristi weekly, different people accumulated different amounts totaling more than 1 crore Nepalese rupees in the name of some social service. These journalists were basically the puppets of the then royal government.

It has been reported that more than 16 lakhs rupees distributed from the Ministry of Communication has been accumulated by different people at the "Nepal Patrakar Mahasangh." Likewise, "Sampadak Samaj Nepal" got hold of 4 lakhs while Ramhari Chaulagai from "Sanchar Samuha" got a share of 25000 rupees.

In the same note, Rishi Dhamala of reporters club swindled 1 lakhs 70 thousands while Harisharan Lamichane of Nepal Cable Association had his pocket filled with 2 lakhs rupees. Dristi Saptahik further writes that Yagya Dhakal of "Nepal Patrakar Mahasangh" corrupted 20,000 rupees while Radheshyam from "Sahityik Patrakar Sangh" credited a total of 2 lakhs to his account. Other people and institutions which obtained money from the fund are:

Ramesh Budhathoki, Chalchitra Kalakar Sangh-3 lakhs

Ramkrishna Karmacharya,National Press Club-30,000 rupees

Ojaswi Gautam-30,000 rupees
Srikrishna Poudel-65,000 rupees

Rastriya Samachar Samiti-6 lakhs

Sampadak/Prakash Sangh-40,000 rupees

Nepal Patrakar Mahasangh-2 lakhs

Rastriya Chalchitra Mahotsab-60,000 rupees from communication ministry

Gorkhapatra Sansthan- more than 60,000 rupees

Nepal Samacharpatra-more than 36,000 rupees

Himalaya Times- almost 5 lakhs

Now that we have all known the corrupt, what can we do?

(source:Dristi Weekly, Kathmandu Jestha 2,2062)


3 Responses to “Journalists Also Fell for Corruption”

  1. Ramesh Sharma Says:

    The money shown here is not in significant amount to be called corruption. They may have received it for different purposes like for promoting the quality of their newspaper which is not a bad thing. Well why don’t you make it public how much Girija received from India to feed the mob Maoists forcefully brought from Kavre and Dhading. We would be happy if you could make it public. Reports say Girija received 30 crores of Indian currency from the Indian govt and he spent 15 crores out of that. Rest of the 15 crores went to his pocket. We all know most of the mobsters received Rs. 500 + 1 beer + good meal for the demonstrations. We know the Maoists even took their haajeeri.

  2. sanobhai Says:

    “We all know most of the mobsters received Rs. 500 + 1 beer + good meal for the demonstrations. We know the Maoists even took their haajeeri. ”

    What is the source of this information? Where did you read this? Who told you?

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