Cabinet Expanded-Fails to Include Minor Parties


Finally the cabinet has expanded but at the same time it also has divulged serious differences among the parties. The minor parties are not included in the cabinet as yet. Lilamani Pokhrel was reported to have said that his party has not been contacted for the names of the ministers. So, Sadvawana and Janmorcha are yet to see their people join this government. Go inside for the full list of ministers.

The full list of ministers as written on ekantipur:

1. Chitra Lekha Yadav – Water Resources

2. Narendra Bikram Nemwang – Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs

3. Pradip Gyawali – Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

4. Dr. Mangal Siddhi Manandhar – Education and Sports

5. Rajendra Pandey – Local Development

State Ministers:

1. Ramesh Lekhak – Labour and Transport

2. Gopal Rai – Forest and Land Conservation

3. Dilendra Prasad Badu – Information and Communications

4. Man Bahadur Bishwokarma – Science and Environment

5. Urmila Aryal – Women, Children and Social Welfare

6. Dharmaraj Shah – General Administration

So, the number of ministers has grown drastically. But, Chitra Lekha Yadav has declined the post of minister citing the disapproval of her candidacy for the speaker of the house. Now, the fight seems to be among the parties and including personal ego problems. When will these leaders learn to work for the country leaving behind all their arrogant and haughty nature?

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  1. sukharam Says:

    add the source as link. Like u give in Sajha !

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