Koirala-Prachanda Talk Over Telephone to Resolve Business Crisis


In yet another interesting development, there has been a telephone conversation between Koirala and Prachanda to end the row related to the closure of some industries in the southern Nepal. Nepalnews quoted the state run Radio Nepal as saying that the two leaders talked on creating a favourable environment condusive for business operation in Bara and Parsa districts among other issues.

Nepalnews writes that Koirala urged the Maoists leader to allow the industries to operate without any pressure including Dabur Nepal and urged the Maoist leader to stop forced donations from the industries and the public. It further writes that Prachanda made Koirala clear that he will work his part to stop such activities.

There have been a lot of issues propping up in the media recently over the closure of Dabur Nepal reportedly due to the Maoists aligned trade unions. FNCCI, the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry had expressed serious concern over the maoists demands and the subsequent closure of the Dabur Nepal.

At a time when there have been so much debates over whether Maoists are seriously out for dialogue, such activities tend to undermine the hopes among the people.

However, in a positive note, one of the maoists leaders was reported to have said that they are not going back to the jungles now. Nepalnews writes:

Addressing a mass meeting of the Maoists at Shahid stadium in Biratnagar on Saturday, Sharma said, “The Maoists will launch different kinds of movements but not return to the jungles even if the government does not hold talks with us.”He also accused the government of not being in favour of implementing the 12-point agreement and “falling into conspiracies hatched by the king and foreigners.”

I hope Dinanath Sharma is speaking from his heart. We need peace and maoists must come to the mainstream if peace is to prevail.

(source:based on Nepalnews article www.nepalnews.com)


2 Responses to “Koirala-Prachanda Talk Over Telephone to Resolve Business Crisis”

  1. sukharam Says:

    hari babu ?

  2. sanobhai Says:

    It has been difficult to know who is speaking the truth: Are maoists demanding money or it is the industries making the claim when maoists were trying to do other things like demand employment or organize unions.

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