Another Iceberg on the road-Maoists Not to Disarm


 In a sharp tone, Prachanda has blasted the present government and SPA alliance for trying to sideline the maoists despite the success achieved recently which can be credited to the decade long movement of maoists. He accused the government of moving in a snail pace and trying to downplay the role and size of maoists in the country.

In response to DPM Oli's request that maoists disarm before the election to CA, Prachanda made it clear that there are other areas that have to be focused on rather than disarming maoists. He also said that maoists are not going to disarm but rather will stay under the supervision of some international body if the army also agrees to be under the watch of some credible organization.

Another block of ice?

Citing that maoists are not similar to the dissent forces worldwide with a small number of rebels, Prachanda put himself as being the leader of a much more organized body of rebels. NY Times writes:

We are not exactly an armed group like in other places in the current world," declared the leader, known as Prachanda, or the fierce one. "How can you think we are only a small rebel group and the R.N.A. is legal and legitimate?"

Now, this has signaled the toughest problem of all before we can settle back in peace. Maoists are not willing to buzz down if sidelined from the news. They still believe they have the strongest bargaining power though only some time ago Dinanath Sharma, a maoist leader, revealed that they would not go back to jungles even if this peace process failed. However, what Prachanda said seems to be on the contrary. They are not willing to disarm means they are still capable of launching armed attacks. But, this might also be their tactic for more bargaining.

NY writes that Prachanda is also worried that the parties are trying to sideline maoists.

"Now they want to marginalize us, they want to bypass us, and they want to minimize the role of the Maoist movement," Prachanda said of the politicians. "That's why we are seriously concerned." 

May be a nice game of politics is going on which is largely out of our understanding. However, one thing is certain, maoists have been scared that they might be sidelined. It is true most of the changes made recently are in fact the demands of maoists like Nepal being a secular state, army being answerable to elected parliament, changes to national anthem and so forth. In spite of this, maoists have been thinking that they are left out in the middle my the slow-moving government led by the snail-paced old PM Girija.

(source: based on Somini Sengupta's article "Nepal Rebels…" , NY Times)


2 Responses to “Another Iceberg on the road-Maoists Not to Disarm”

  1. Gauhle Says:

    Sorry to disagree you.But I am sure you also understand better why you cant force ur thought to the entire idea of communism that it wont get success by analising Scrotes idea about it.

    I rather have a better option for you,if u are interested in a real deal.

    Why dont you try ur way of analizing on Marxist idea of Communism ? I think that is what really matters.

    All the best!

    Thanks for the suggestion Gauhle, however, it would be great if you could submit some of your writings which are interesting as well as informative to the people. You can disagree and dispute my ideas. You are always welcome to do that.


  2. sharma.santosh Says:

    talking about maoist they are the one and only one unsane people here in nepal at present scenerio. they want the credits of what is happening here in nepal.and are always the stones in our current walk in creating new peoples.Have you ever heard of they being happy with any declariations of any positive movement of polticial parties. They have a blood of critizing what is being wright.
    so to tacle these maoist we should unite and make them to spent their blood in earning and feeding themselves they are wricked becoz of robbing and killing.
    that’s it!

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