Warning to Politicians


To our distress, these leaders are continuously involved in in-fighting among themselves. They have again shown their true identity-we cannot trust these political freaks. There is a need for a complete revamping of the political parties with new faces who can compromise and respect other people. The cabinet meeting that met in the day failed to pass the much-awaited parliamentary declaration. The reasons are obvious, some of the ministers could not agree with some of the points of the declaration. And to add to this, cabinet expansion also failed due to the failure of NC-D and Janmorcha Nepal.

Himalayan Times writes:

The meeting of the Council of Ministers today could not pass the much-awaited declaration to be announced by the House of Representatives tomorrow.Cabinet members could not agree on some of the points included in the proposal, so the declaration could not be finalised, Minister for Agriculture and Cooperatives Mahanta Thakur said. The meeting held at prime minister’s residence could not finalise cabinet expansion, too, due to failure of Janamorcha Nepal and NC-D to name their representatives. The cabinet will meet tomorrow morning, he said.

Seriously, we need to send a strong warning signal to these politicians. They are not given the opportunity to involve themselves in internal bickering and fighting. Only we, the Nepalese, know how important that declaration is for the country. However, these leaders are walking in their own pace disregarding our sentiments.

In addition, Deuba has been insisting that he be elected the parliamentary leader of his party. This has delayed the nomination of ministers from NC-D. Why can't he give up the post to someone else? Only yesterday, he was of the opinion that he can quit politics if people want it and now he is fighting for a position where other people of his party favor Bijay Kumar. Kantipur writes:

Yesterday's meeting had concluded inconclusively as party President Sher Bahadur Deuba reportedly insisted that he be elected the PP leader, while a group of dissident MPs wanted to elect former party general secretary Bijay Kumar Gachhadar to the post unanimously.

Deuba seriously needs some rest now. It has been too much from his side. We do not have time to wait for his ego to settle down. We can kick him out and still move on. After all, he is the person largely responsible for dissolving parliament and failure thereafter. He is an addict to the post of PM.

Meanwhile, people have staged warning signs in various places destroying government vehicles. I have always been against such activities. We can warn them just outside Singadurbar, but please stop such destruction of property. We need to buy again if we destroy…think twice before taking action…a request to the people in the streets.


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