Nepali Student Arrested in USA


Student at the University of Indianapolis, Subash Rai, a Nepali national has been arrested in relation to a shooting incident which led to the death of Ghamdan Abolohom from the same university. Police believe that the shooting was accidental and that the friends involved had no hatred against each other. Subash Rai was charged with reckless homicide, University of Indianapolis reports in its mourning speech.

According to the University, Ghamdan Mohammed Abolohom, 23, of Yemen was a senior majoring in international business and economics/finance. Subash Rai, however was a senior majoring in economics/finance and also was enrolled in a spring term course.

Because the incident occurred at a residence a mile from campus, near Troy Avenue, we do not have all the details. According to police, however, the fatal shooting was accidental, and the two men involved were friends who bore each other no animosity. Rai was arrested on an initial charge of reckless homicide.

Our condolences to the bereaved families and we hope Subash will be able to make it out soon as this was all but an accident.

source:University of Indianapolis



21 Responses to “Nepali Student Arrested in USA”

  1. Anoynomous Says:

    Is there anyway we can get to him, I’m his friend…..and the university does not give any information.

  2. dreamnepal Says:

    I doubt if you can get to him directly but you might want to contact other Nepalese people on the campus. They might have more information.

  3. John Liverson Says:

    My suggestion is that contact his parents, friends and Nepali association and Nepali student association in USA. Most probably, He had accident, He is innocent but he needs help from Nepal Embassy and Nepali association as well as University, too. His parent must to know about it in Nepal.

    Nepali association of Mid-west USA:

    Nepali Embassy Washington D.C. :

  4. Anoynomous Says:

    Some things just goes according to what it is wriiten in fate, and sometimes things go wrong even when you dont want it to happen, those things which you have no control over, THOSE THINGS ARE NOT TO BE BLAMED FOR……is what i believe. Subash is a nice person, he is about to graduate this semester and look now just because of an accident he’s life has been in trouble. I feel sorry for the incident, but it was an accident and we cant blame anyone and for that acident i dont want subash to ruin his life, most of all he will be feeling bad for what happened because they were good friends and had no hatred against each other. Well, we all should think in a practical way, what if the same case was with one of u’re family member, your brother……or anyone who means alot for you? IT WAS AN ACCIDENT….and because of this accident hope the law and govt. wont make another mistake, SUBASH HAS TO BE RELEASE, BECAUSE WE CAN’T PUNISH PEOPLE BASED ON A CERTAIN INCIDENT…….

  5. Anoynomous Says:

    Thanks John for suggesting, subash needs for support and good wishes from people like you.

  6. barnett Says:

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