Deuba goes Defensive


After intense protests against the delay of the historic house proclamation, Deuba has turned defensive saying that he could never support monarchy after all the "bads" he has had faced with the monarchy in the past. It is natural for Deuba to try to act defensive for he was responsible for the delay in the approval of the house proclamation. Deuba might have other issues, however, it came at a wrong time. People are constantly monitoring and waiting for results which can match their interests and those which can account for the death of so many people. Deuba seems to have felt the punchline. Deuba is reportedly angry at reports saying that they were basically aimed to end his character and ruin his political career.

Deuba strongly said that he is against the king for the present king has betrayed him a lot in the past. Himalayan Times writes:

“This is grossly unfair to me. I have repeatedly emphasised the need for a constituent assembly, changing the current national anthem, renaming “His Majesty’s Government” “Nepal Government” and bringing the army under the Parliament,” Deuba said while taking to reporters at the party office, Maharajgunj today.

It is yet another mistake of Deuba, first major mistake being the dissolution of parliament in the first place. Deuba seems to think that he is shrewd and keen. However, his actions seemed too costly for him. Reports earlier had said that Deuba seemingly forwarded a proposal  that would allow the king to keep his position as the supreme commander of the army. 

Deuba has denied all these charges. But, will the people forgive him? This is a matter of debate which only the future can tell… 


2 Responses to “Deuba goes Defensive”

  1. sanobhai Says:

    It is hard to know what he said and what he did not but it gives pleasure to the publishers and readers of the news for there to be sensational news. We have heard that “All the leaders are corrupt. All the leaders are bad.” At times like this, because the demand for sensation is so high, one should take news like this with caution.

  2. dreamnepal Says:

    I agree with you sanobhai. But we also must be aware that house proclamation has been delayed and the reason is Deuba. However, the reasons might be totally different to what is depicted in media. Deuba should have been aware of the sentiments of the people. It is something like hitting his own back.

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