RNA Chief’s Daughter Makes it Big


It was another episode of lavish marriage which many Nepalese can only dream. Millions of Nepalese are dying of hunger while the chief of army is able to celebrate his daughter's wedding in a grand style. Pyar Jung Thapa's daughter was able to make it big, thanks to her father's success in the country. Kantipur writes:

The CoAS received the marriage procession, which began from the Soaltee Hotel, at the Hanumanthan Temple, Kupondol at around 4:45 pm before the procession reached Shashi Bhawan. Thapa received the groom — Yub Raj Pratap Sing Rawa, from an Indian royal family of Baroda, Gujrat, India– with garland. During the brief ceremony at the temple, the vehicles coming from Tripureshwore and Jawalakhel were stopped for five minutes.

How is it possible for an army chief to give such a grand marriage ceremony? It is a matter of debate and investigation. However, I am not concerned with the wedding being a grand one if he had earned all the money by working hard. Generally, Nepalese weddings tend to be rather simple owing to poor financial ability unless one has cheated and involved in corruption. Other than that I have no concerns about the wedding making it big in the news. However, there is something more to it. Kantipur writes:

Around 150 armed security personnel both in uniform and plain clothes were mobilized around the temple for the one-minute long "receiving" program at the temple. Former Nepalese ambassador to India Dr Bhesh Bahadur Thapa accompanied the CoAS.

Our security force is not a private property of anybody. They are not the slaves of the chiefs. They are there to serve the nation, not to provide and facilitate Pyar Jung's daughter's marriage. A couple of days back Hari Bansha was threatened, nobody cared. Now, here is the wedding of army chief's daughter and there are more than 150 armed security personnel just for one-minute long program. What the hell is wrong with our nation?

Tomorrow, there will be a marriage ceremony of some politician's daughter or son and it is going to be the same. These people are going to suck us all until we bleed to death, until we succumb to death. What do you think we should do to curb such ill-traditions?


10 Responses to “RNA Chief’s Daughter Makes it Big”

  1. susan Says:

    Yes u r rite but how can we forgot that Girijan and other Nepali congress people make so many kandas. We should look every one not only COAS.

  2. dreamnepal Says:

    I agree. We should deal with everyone. Now that this has come at a time of a transition, it made a big news. However, I strongly demand that Pyar Jung stop using security people for his personal benefit. They are not his slaves.

  3. meroDesh Says:

    Whatever he does should not be anyone’s business. What if there was a bomb explosion and people get killed. What would you do if you were the head of the Army, I would do the same.

    I think we all (specially reporters) have double standards. All you guys do is talk!!!! Lets be practical for a minute or two. The country does not operate in philisophy.

    Atleast nobody died, nor did he make any money off this wedding. People in Nepal have nothing better to do anyway, so what that they had to wait for 10 minutes in traffic. I think he did what was best for his daughter and his family.

    Let’s not impose our ideology on other that we ourselves do not follow.

  4. dreamnepal Says:

    All I am saying is that security people are not his slaves. He cannot use them for personal use. He can ask for general security but that should not be like deploying more than 150 security people. Did he pay to them? Dude, there are practical ways to do it…hire independent security. They will have all communication means, only that they won’t have guns. Of course, not all the security people carry guns. Why couldn’t he do that?

    What if I want to have another such marriage? Will the security people help me with such a large number? No…
    Yes, he did best for his family…he is selfish..he misused his power to abuse the security people for his family’s happiness..and this is absolutely wrong…

  5. rrk Says:

    I wonder how much money does the general have, and how did he make it? anyways i do not know why the general thought this was such a great match for his lovely daughter.

    do you think these guys are really corrupt? what about K Gyanendra? do u thinkhe is corrupt too? as is do u think he has made money?

    i am very interested if anhyone could provide me with links to pictures of praggyashree thapa.

    plz do check out my site – its about royals around the world.


  6. Deep Raja Says:

    Shreejana Thapa and Shreena Thapa who are mother and daughter lives in Ottawa, Canada and they are saying that pyar Jung Thapa is has a hand in eliminating the former king Birendra and his family as pyar jung Thapa’s niece is married to G.B. Thapa( his second wife) lives in the U.S at present. Shreejana Thapa also stated that Radha didi who also lives in ottawa is politically involved with Nepal affairs and is funding bad activities in Nepal while raising funds in Ottawa.

    They also stated that Pyar jung’s mother was a bold and drunkard lady with modern outlook was shameless in family affairs till she passed away.

    I don’t agree to Shreejana Thapa or Shreena Thapa’s statements. But they are spreading these rumors in Canada and U.S.A.

  7. Daman Bahadur Shrestha Says:

    Pyar Jung thapa is the main criminal and planner of Royal palace maccare in 1st. june 2001.
    mr Thapa you and your brother in law Dr. Bhesh Bahadur did the crime to kill all innocent king Birendra and his whole family now world is very aware about wolf like you you did that just make G.Sha the king and to be NA C.in.C and minister you both di very big corruption in Nepal also you both and Gyanendras gang has big relation with Al-Quida

  8. Daman Bahadur Shrestha Says:

    K 6 ta dear royal palace maccared ko main planner ex.P.A.Mr. Chet Bahadur Kunwar family and so called king G.Sha KO kukur tero ani Dr. Bhesh Bahadur ko din aba khata bho bujhis G.Sha ani Kuwar pani gayo aba

  9. Bill Granger Says:

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