How Long Will Your Marriage Last?


As found in our simple project, the financial variables did not have a significant effect on the probability of divorce and subsequently there was a little effect on the marital duration. However, non-economic factors were important in the determination of marital duration. The independent variables like number of kids in the household, hours of work had a significant effect on marital duration. The more the number kids in a household, the higher the time to divorce. The age at marriage also had a significant negative effect on the duration of marriage. A one year increase in the age at marriage is likely to shorten the time to divorce by about 5%. So, basically the people who get married in the later part of their life are likely to have a divorce earlier than those married in the earlier part of the life. The results of the study show that the key to a long marriage does not align with the wealth of the partners but with non-monetary factors which relate to emotional satisfaction.

For more, click on the pdf file:

marriage or Divorce.pdf

This is a draft and hence, several sources of informations are missing, thus, I wish that the readers be respectful of those past works which helped us in this research. This is a project done by John Drakos and I myself. Further use of this work without permission is strictly prohibited. I am putting this here strictly for information and I will update the full version of this project later on.


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