Deuba Turns Villain-Historic House Proclamation Deferred


Now what next? The house failed to bring forth the most awaited results in the history of Nepal. It  was again involved in internal rambling. According to Kantipur, there were serious differences among the SPA leaders about the historic proclamation. Reportedly, Deuba was the villain to the proposal. Now, the proposal is going to be placed for vote after cabinet expansion. Moreover, the failure of the expansion also credits Deuba. Kantipur writes:

Serious differences erupted among the SPA leaders after Nepali Congress-Democratic (NC-D) President Sher Bahadur Deuba told the meeting that the king should be the Supreme-Commander-in-Chief of the army even if he is not allowed to put on army uniform.The sources also said that the expansion of the cabinet, too, got delayed after Deuba failed to name the ministerial candidates from his party.

This was a proposal which was the most anticipated by the people. There were some real changes in the structure of the nation. Most of all,the power was vested on the people. So, what were the points which made Deuba frown? Here I present as mentioned in Kantipur:

 -Scrap Rajparishad

-all organs of the state including royal organs to be under the parliament

-king to be held responsible for his actions and can be tried in court like every other citizen

-king's income to face taxes just as every other person

-RNA to be named as "Nepal Army"

 -government to be named as "Nepal Government" instead of "Royal Government"

-chief of army to be appointed by HOR  and King can no longer hold the post of Supreme Commander of Chief.


These changes are vital in a progress towards a free Nepal. We need to end the autocracy once and for all. Gyanendra, this is just the are yet to see more demands from the public. The lost lives will never forgive us if we restricted ourselves to these changes. We want the people to decide on your fate..whatever comes..probably the winner is Republic Nepal…is the decision of people and hence will be accepted.

What do you think on this? 


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  1. Bhudai Pundit Says:

    This website is alot better. The interface is not cluttered and its alot easier to navigate. I will definetly start coming here… keep up the good work!

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