Maoist Leaders Fail to Control their Cadres


In what is seen as a clear violation of their own agendas, maoists have continued violence across the country. Kantipur reports that Prem Bahadur Thokar, a former maoist, was beaten to death by the maoists in Nayabasti. It was reported that two unidentified men took Prem from his house late in the afternoon but after two hours his body was found on the road nearby.

In the meantime, maoists have threatened radio stations too. According to Kantipur, Kalika Fm of Chitwan and Radio Birjung in Parsa have received threats from the maoists. SIRM (Save Independent Radio Movement) has expressed deep concerns over such threats and says that it is convinced that dialogues are the only ways to solve problems; force and threats do not lead to any solutions.

 What does this all mean? Do the maoist leaders have control over their cadres? We saw in the recently successful protest programs that the SPA leaders had no control over the party cadres, let alone the general public. Is the fate of maoists also the same? Does this mean our peace talks would not bring forth all the fruits we want? What if some of the maoist cadres continue criminal activities? Can we check them? These are serious questions that have been bothering me. I do believe that there is a lot of decentralization in Maoists Party and it is a possibility that some of the factions will not be happy with the outcome. If this becomes true, we are again into a deep problem.


One Response to “Maoist Leaders Fail to Control their Cadres”

  1. Hare Krishna Says:

    So is this anything new? For the last 10 yrs, we looked at Mao as terrorist and now we think they are decent citizens just because they agreed to peace. Our opinion seems to change like a wind. No wonder we are so stupid. Aftet 16 years, we got same a-s-shole leaders and politicians who destoryed the very fabric of our society and now we are calling them saviours, champion of democracy. I wish there were new group of leaderships. But we got same face. I would not be surprise in the next 16 years, we will see the same chaos and then 3rd People Movement.

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