Finally Mallik Report Makes to the Public


So, who are the culprits? What should be done to them? The names are obviously well known to most of us but some of them are not that easy to recognize. However, here I present the culprits as found by Mallik Report. Some of the obvious names are:

MarichMan Singh Shrestha

Hari Bahadur Basnet

Parshunarayan Chaudhari

Gunjeswari Prasad Singh

Sushila Thapa

Bharat Bahadur Pradhan

Prakash Bahadur Singh

Fatte Singh Tharu

Ramesh Nath Pandey

Kamal Thapa

Badri Prasad Mandal

To see the full list, click on the pdf file. 

(source:International Nepal Solidarity Network)


3 Responses to “Finally Mallik Report Makes to the Public”

  1. TigerBeer Says:

    testing for moderation

    We do not MODERATE COMMENTS unless they contain abusive language. We have automatic filters to check such abusive words. So, you are free to comment as long as you are writing in decent language.


  2. gp Says:

    The Mallik commission has a major flaw:
    It mostly names scape goats.
    The three main people who should be on this list are (in order of notoriety):
    1.Chiran Shumshere Thapa (then Principle press secretary, royal palace)
    This guy should also be questioned with regards to his handling the palace massacre (“accidental firing of an automatic weapon” -remember).
    2.Narayan Prasad Shrestha (then principle private secretary, royal palace), this guy was infact dumped by King Birendra after the andolan for misinformation, and has made many false calls and unnecessary actions were taken due to his advice, among other misuse of power.
    3.Sarad Chandra Shah (then General Secretary of the Sports council) – what can you not say about this guy. He probably invented the word “mandale” and did and has been giving the wrong advice to both Kings. He is a power hungry brontosoraus with suspect moral values.


    We have the Rayamajhi commisssion today, but this makes it look like we have erased the past 16 years of our history.

    Therefor, we should have:
    1. An independent commisssion to investigate corruption on the part of governments (they call themselves democratic) since 1990. And I don’t mean the CIAA.

    2. An independent commisssion to investigate both Maoist and RNA atrocities in this so called “peoples war”.

    These would be a good start for democracy.

  3. dreamnepal Says:

    “An independent commisssion to investigate both Maoist and RNA atrocities in this so called “peoples war.”

    I agree with you on this but what are we going to do after that? Punish the RNA and let the maoists go for free? And we know that we cannot have peace if we are not to give amnesty to the maoists. So, how are we going to be democratic here? RNA did some crimes, so did maoists. So, I believe we should let the people start a new life as I have said in several other posts. This should mark the beginning of new Nepal. However, there should be strict laws against such crimes in the future.

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