Army Chief Trying to Save his Face


We all have seen the fate of several security officials along with ex-ministers in the royal cabinet. Now, it looks like the army chief also has felt the punch. He has knocked on the door of PM koirala, probably to save his face. Kantipur writes:

"Chief of Army Staff, Pyar Jung Thapa, who has been recommended for suspension by the judicial investigation commission, Saturday met Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala. Thapa reached the prime minister's residence with second man Lieutenant General Rupmanga Katuwal and held a meeting for nearly an hour this morning."

I am not a big fan of this government but seriously laying off chiefs of army who are inclined towards the palace may proove a milestone in the progress towards a sustainable peace in Nepal. As some analysts have already warned, a coup is not something that is out of the probability. So, it is important that we have the power within ourselves. As UML suggested, changing names are important too, though symbolic. As a long run fundamental change is essential for peace, we need to restructure the army with new people who are chosen based on merit irrespective of their political inclination.

Do you people think that Pyar Jung can save his face? Are these leaders going to be biased again? Is the political fight going to erupt again? There are several questions that only time can answer. We can only guess,discuss and wait…


2 Responses to “Army Chief Trying to Save his Face”

  1. sanobhai Says:

    What forces are preventing the army from staging a coup? Lack of money? Worry that the UN jobs will go away? It would be important to understand these forces before sacking him.

  2. Thuldai Says:

    Thse pyarjung and company cannot do anything. becuase tomorros their wings will be cut. They are not allowed to meet with the King.

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