Roadmap To Peace-Maoists Way


Finally, maoists have come up with their version of the roadmap to peace. It seems that they are more than eager to join the mainstream. Decade long war must have ravaged their hopes and aspirations of a communist Nepal. However, it is a good sign towards establishment of sustainable peace in Nepal. According to Kantipur, the following are the blocks of ice we need to break to give a way to sustainable peace. 

1. declaration of a ceasefire

2. finalisation of code of conduct

3. formation of talks team

4.release of political prisoners

5.starting talks, dissolution of the old parliament, constitution and government

6. formation of an interim guideline and government by holding a political conference with representation from the political parties, civil society and renowned personalities of different sectors

7. setting of electoral constituencies by ensuring the representation from people of all classes, castes, sectors and genders

8.holding constituent assembly elections under reliable international supervision and restructuring of the whole state structures including the People's Liberation Army and the Royal Nepalese Army as per the popular mandate expressed through the (constituent assembly) elections.

It seems feasible to me. What do you people think? May be the political parties might think otherwise of points like dissolution of parliament among others but for me, it is perfectly fine to dissolve the parliament. After all, these leaders should have been out of office long time back.


One Response to “Roadmap To Peace-Maoists Way”

  1. st.said Says:

    They have made their point. The govt. should have just one unconditional point:

    1. Lay down and hand over of arms unconditionally.

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