Prachanda To Lead The Maoist Talk Team


Yet another surprise in our favor. Prachanda is going to lead the maoist talk team meaning they are real serious this time for sustainable peace. Recently two maoists leaders, Yadav and Magar, were released by the government to create an conducive environment for talks. Nepalnews writes:

“Mahara might come to create conducive environment for talks but our chairman Prachanda will led the team for talks this time,” Yadav said, adding, “The talk will be held between Prachanda and Girija for it to succeed.”

However, the maoist leader, Yadav is not happy with the progress made by the government so far. Moreover, he expressed doubt over the honesty of the political parties. Nepalnews further writes:
“As the political parties are not honest, international mediation is a must to make the talks results oriented,” Yadav stated.

It is not just the sentiment of Yadav. We don’t trust these politicians either. However, we are short of alternatives forcing us to surrender to these leaders. Moreover, the demand of international mediation could become an issue of debate in the political circle as the government has been ruling out any mediation in the talks. If maoists insist on mediation, it should not be a problem. We should get some responsible body not only to mediate talks but also to supervise the proceeds of the talks.

One Response to “Prachanda To Lead The Maoist Talk Team”

  1. dreamnepal Says:

    This is a comment made by Sanobhai…
    sanobhai said…

    Why would the government insist that there will be no mediation?

    One possibility here is the government (or SPA) will not be able to exercise its authority to its fullest and might have to compromise.

    Another possibility is the leaders will not be able to claim the credit. Looking into the future, it is important for these politicians to gain some credibility by solving the big problems facing us.

    On the topic of peace talk, if GP and Prachanda lead the teams, there are better chances of breakthroughs. From what I know, none of the main parties have adopted republicanism as an agenda in their charter and this could be a major roadblock. I am not sure if Prachanda’s team is happy with the end of “autocratic monarchy”.

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