Former Ministers Arrested, Security Chiefs Laid Off

A respect for the wishes of the people?
A democratic action?
Is it fair in all respects?
These questions are not easy to answer but yes, the news is true. Five former ministers have been arrested while three security chiefs have been suspended from work. Among the arrested are Kamal Thapa, Rameshnath Pandey, Shrish Shumshere Rana,.Tanka Dhakal, and Nikshya Shumsher Rana. Meanwhile Himalayan Times writes that Inspector General of Police Shyam Bhakta Thapa, Inspector General of Armed Police Force Sahabir Thapa and chief of the National Investigation Department Devi Ram Sharma have been suspended from their posts.
A new step to crush those who went against the whims of the people but it is largely seen to be unfair by those scepticals who think that maoists can’t be granted freedom if we are to fair to everyone. Why are we giving a chance to maoists while arresting these people? Is it not just because we have to compromise with the maoists while we can do away with these people? We should be fair in every respects.
I believe we should let everyone start a new life. What do you people think?

2 Responses to “Former Ministers Arrested, Security Chiefs Laid Off”

  1. Freedom Lovers Says:

    This is a comment made by Sanobhai. I had to restructure the blog, so I had to put his comment back by myself. Here is what sanobhai thinks:

    If you are the top cop, what is your obligation? Does it say somewhere on your job description that instruction from home ministry supercedes everything? Does it say that your duty is not to follow instruction if you are asked to do something illegal? If that is the case, they did not do their job correctly. If that is not the case, they technically did their job well.

    Would we not want the security chiefs to be loyal to the ministry instructing it? Should they be punished for loyalty?

    They should be punished for firing on unarmed citizens when they were not under any threat but they should not be punished for loyalty or for not supporting the people’s movement. They should also be punished for staging the coup – if in fact the instruction to topple the government was illegal – not made by the security council. Loyalty to the state (regardless of who is in charge) should be the hallmark of any security agency.

  2. Financer Says:

    That\\\\\\\’s very interesting. I hope to read more later.

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