UML Threatens the Government

CPN-UML has threatened to walk out of the government if its demands of bringing the army under the purview of the parliament and the government, scrapping the Military Secretariat and the Raj Parishad, changing the national anthem and rechristening the Royal Nepalese Government were not met-writes Himalayan Times.(May 10,Ktm)

UML by its nature is more inclined towards a republican set up than another major alliance Congress. Therefore, it is not surprising to see UML taking a lead to revamp the nation. Though they should compromise with the allocation of ministries for the sake of the general interests of the people, they should not buzz from the demands in the like of scrapping Raj Parishad, and bringing army under the parliament among others. Moreover there is a need for a change in national anthem too. Why should we be chanting the praise of Gyanendra when he killed so many Nepalese? We really need to get away from such national anthems.

I still remember how maoists started the drive of changing the national anthem in their native areas. Though they replaced national anthems with their so-called revolutionary songs, that was a good start to get away with the main suppressor of Nepal for decades.

In addition, we seriously need to revise the name of our government. We are not the puppets of Gyanendra that our government be named as “sri-panch ko sarkar.” It really sucks to have been lived under such a slave environment but what options did we have? We need to change the name to “Nepal Sarkar.” I feel like UML is doing a good job pressing the government to take these bold steps even before the CA elections.

Despite the fact that I hate Maoists for their bloody revolution, I give them credit for bringing the monarchy down to the ground. Though we are not totally done with the king, there is a high chance that we will establish a republican set up. However, this came at the cost of more than 12000 lives. So, was it worth it? We are still to see the results but definitely we should lead the country to that level which pays a sincere tribute to the death of those people.


2 Responses to “UML Threatens the Government”

  1. st Says:

    I think all these cosmetic changes should not be tackled until the CA elections decides where we are headed. I’m afraid if the CA decides for a constitutional monarchy, we will probably have to stick to HM’s govt. The U.K. uses this, I think all monarchial nations have it. The UML or factions within it always smelled of rats. Mrs. Yadav should be made speaker, otherwise it will prove the point of people like me that parties like the UML are pretentious – they are made up of male cheuvanists, who are really not for democracy and equality but only power.

  2. sanobhai Says:

    I agree with st. Rather than getting carried away with their new-found powers, it is better to focus all they have on peace talks and CA.

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