Is Girija Ditching Nepalese?

The pain of the death of more than 20 people has not gone down but the parties seem to be back on their original agendas about the functioning of the society. The reforms wanted by different parties are different. The major issue is of course the fate of monarchy. Most communist blocks obviously press for a republican set up but Congress, one of the major alliance seems to have distanced itself from the republican idea. Hindustan Times writes:
Insisting that he was not a republican, Koirala on Wednesday said Gyanendra could be a ceremonial king like the British queen. At a meeting with a delegation of the South Asian Free Media Association, Koirala asked: “What is the harm if he stays as Lord Pashupati?”
Is he ditching the general people? Is this for what we agreed him to be the primeminister? I have always been sceptical about the ideas of Girija. He seems to cling to the idea of monarchy despite the catastrophic actions that have come forth from the monarch in the last couple of years. However, he agrees that he will accept the fate of monarchy as decided by the people. But, look at his haughtiness. Hindustan Times further writes:
Forever a centrist, Koirala defined the ceremonial monarchy-multi-party democracy combination as “borderline” to the republican system. “I’ve nothing to say if the people want to cross that,” he said. “I’m expected to lead rather than being led by popular opinion.”
What does this guy think of himself? Look at the last sentence. Agreed, leaders should lead but they are elected to lead based on the popular opinion. We are not their slaves. We decide what should be done and he should be the one to execute.
However, on a positive note, Communist parties have been respecting and capitalizing on the sprit of the people. They are for a republican set up, clearly appreciating the sentiments of millions of Nepalese. Hindustan Times writes:
To a poser on the NC’s stand, UML’s Madhav Nepal said: “People are above the Nepali Congress, in fact, above all parties, who have to respect their views.Nepal doesn’t need monarchy. We are for a democratic republic.”

So, what will be our future? And what do you want to see?

(ps: based on article by Vinod Sharma,Hindustan Times, May 10,06)


3 Responses to “Is Girija Ditching Nepalese?”

  1. sanobhai Says:

    The exact phrases used by GP might be out of line. It is easy for MK or others to criticize GP for not being daring enough but I wonder if he would be docile like GP if he was the PM. The bottomline is it is easy to criticize but not so easy to implement things.

    I also doubt that UML has officially adopted republicanism as its political agenda. MK is just giving speeches and causing sensation which he can – if they have the guts, they should explicitly state establishment of people’s republic as their political agenda in the charter of their party. Then I will believe him.

    Lets not get caught up by the political rhetoric.

  2. sl Says:

    I’m afraid that for once I agree with G.P. Koirala on his views on leadership. All this peoples power chants by MK Nepal et al is just populist clap trap.
    I am a firm believer in leadership and we need it today. Leaders should not be following the so called popular will of the people. People are not properly informed most of the time. Leaders have to introduce ideas that are beneficial to the nation and that are correct and not necassarily popular. It is for the leader to convince the people (without the use of violence, threats and coercion) that new ideas which may not be popular are beneficial for the nation.

    Taxes are’nt popular but we do need them. Nobody wants to stand in line for a service, but we know we have to as it is the right thing to do. Taking your medicine may not be a “popular” thing to do, but we know we have to to become healthy.

    Unfortunately, it is time for the medicines we don’t want to take. Maoists have to lay down their arms, this is their medicine. It may not be popular among their cadres but it is the correct thing to do. The parties have to push the maoists to do this, and this will not only be the popular result amongst law abiding citizens but also the correct one on their behalf. Tough times call for tough negotiations. Just wanting something the easy way may be popular for the moment, but it will be incorrect and albeit unpopular in the future.

  3. Hare Krishna Says:

    Well said. Something gotta be done. I hope Girija can deliver this time before he retires from politics in the next 20 years.

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