Maoist Leader and CDO Come Together

Nepal is increasingly heading towards peace. Feeling of brotherhood and love has overcome many obstacles and chains that hinder the peace process. In what is seen as yet another step in the process towards peace, Maoist leader and a CDO have shared the same podium to address various issues, probably for the first time in the history of Nepal since the insurgency began in 1996. The leaders were talking in a program organized by INSEC in Rukum. Himalayan Times writes:
Speaking on the occasion Maoist in-charge of the district, Purna Gharti (Avash) and Chief District Officer Bal Bahadur Malla agreed that long-lasting peace could be achieved if a conducive atmosphere was created for the same.Both expressed commitment to the ceasefire. Avash said there would be long-lasting peace in the country if the problems were solved politically.He said eventually the Peoples’ Government of Maoists may be dissolved.Chief District Officer Malla, on the other hand, said he would carry out development activities in the district with the support and cooperation of all the people.

We need more of interactions like this so that the maoists can assimilate in the mainstream politics. The leaders of various sectors of society have to come together to build a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. Himalayan Times further writes:

CPN-UML district secretary Sher Bahadur KC said the people of Rukum, who have borne the brunt of war for the last 10 years cannot face another war.He said democratic republic should be established in the country through the constituent assembly.Chief of Maoist Peoples’ Government (Rukum), Barun Bantha Magar, Rukum secretary Anal, NC (D) secretary Krishna Rokaya and INSEC (Nepalgunj) coordinator Bhola Mahat also addressed the function.
I hope we will soon return to peace so that prosperity can bless us all.
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One Response to “Maoist Leader and CDO Come Together”

  1. sanobhai Says:

    It makes me happy to hear that we are starting to see camaraderie among mid-level players in the national politics (maoists and SPAs). It will be nice to see similar feeling of friendship, trust, and optimism among the top players of both the camps.

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