We Did Injustice-Mahara Admits

Finally have the Maoists admitted that they were involved in coercion and forceful taking of money and assets from the general public. This might seem as a positive step given their nature. They have agreed to return all those things they took by force through mutual discussions. They further said that they already have started the process.

In another note, Mahara has appealed for the release of all the maoists who have been imprisoned in Nepal and India. He hopes that this will facilitate the negotiation process. He also said that they are committed to the peace process.

I hope we will soon have peace in the country.

(source: http://krishnasenonline.org/)


4 Responses to “We Did Injustice-Mahara Admits”

  1. Bhudai Pundit Says:

    Until the Maoists stop exorting money and looting people these words mean very litte.

  2. oh NO Says:

    Please release Maoists brothers and sisters and let them fight for the justice and modern Nepal!

  3. sanobhai Says:

    I wonder what their top leaders say about the recent reports of more injustic from their cadres (abduction, forcing people to attend mass rallies). Maybe he really meant “We did injustic but we did not say we will not do more injustic in the future”.

  4. oh NO Says:

    I believe in Maoists more than those failure leaders …it is supposed to unbelievable for the outside world that the same shit faces appear in the Nepalese politics

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