Is this the End of Monarchy in Nepal?

For long have these “shah” people dominated Nepalese with their rule irrespective of whether they acted autocratic or went with the wishes of the people. The Nepalese people got themselves out of the “Rana” monopoly about half a century ago only to fall into the autocratic rule of another despot. Times changed, and so did the demands of the people. Referendum in the Panchayat era could not bring what people wished for. And, at last Birendra had to understand the global shift in the meaning of democracy and freedom in the year 1990. However, it was not enough.

The inefficiency and corruption of leaders gave birth to several problems. Regional discrimination coupled with corruption at the central level gave some fuel to the extremists. The birth of maoists marked the wrath of some of these extremists. However, these freaks took into arms to send our country back by several years.

Gyanendra thought he could save the monarchy from these extremists only to realize that he had thrown the monarchy itself into crisis. Now that the popular demand has been to oust the king, how will the events turn out in the future? The credibility of king has gone down, even those who used to revere him as the incarnation of god have started chanting “gyane chor, desh chod.” So, are we going to have Nepal without a King? How is Gyanendra going to react? Is he still going to live in Nepal or will he send himself into exile? How will the international community react? These are the things that none can forecast at the moment.

What do you people think about it? Do you think we can set up a “Republic Nepal?”


7 Responses to “Is this the End of Monarchy in Nepal?”

  1. Huurri Says:

    Is this the End of “moderator” in this blog?

    I have been a regular visitor in this blog though this is my first post. I have found that lots of posts are being deleted whenever the writer’s idea clashes with that of the moderator. Some sort of autocracy is going on in this place so called blog. If the moderator does not improve his behavior it wont be long every one will start writing “Hari chor, Blog chod” So before comenting on anything pls afno aang ko bhaisi dekhnu……….Once again ” Hari Chor Blog Chod”
    Common ppl say it once more loud and clear “Hari Chor Blog Chod”………..

  2. Freedom Lovers Says:

    I would not mind if some people chant like that but if you start using profane language, I would be obliged to moderate.
    I moderate comments only if they contain indecent words.Else, you are free to comment the way you want.
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. oh NO Says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. sanobhai Says:

    I think monarchy will end sooner or later but my hunch is it will be a ceremonial one for now.

    The reason I say that is none of the main political parties have stated that they want monarchy to end. The farthest they have gone is asking for end to absolute monarchy.

  6. sanobhai Says:

    Hari, Could you please start a thread that says “If you don’t like anything about this blog or me, please criticize here”. I think this will address their grievances. You can make that section completely unmoderated.

  7. Freedom Lovers Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion sanobhai.I think I will do it. The main reason for this hatred is that we were pissed off with UWB’s moderation while some of UWB’s bootlickers are having a campaign to save UWB’s face by trying to pour their wrath with personal attacks.
    I am indifferent though.

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