Prachanda to become Public

One step positive. Prachanda has agreed to come out of his cave if the prospects for peace become certain. He said this in an interview with the journalist Bhoj Raj Bhat. He talks about one and all issues in the exclusive telephone interview which can be played in Merosansar. Basically his points can be summarized below:
Who is Richard Boucher to call us terrorists and to determine our fate? We, the Nepalese should have the full say as to what we want in our country-Prachanda roared.
SPA decided to go for the formation of government and re-instatement of the parliament against the agreed agenda between SPA and Maoists. However, now that they have agreed to talks, it is no more a pressing issue.
Maoists are 21st century communists. They are not a group of dogmatic people. They are not fundamentalists.
Regarding the supervision of the rebels and army during the election, Prachanda was of the view that during election, both the parties should be kept under the supervision of some reliable international organization like UN and consequently after the election, there should be the formation of a new army comprising both rebels and army.
Maoists have no connection with the Indians and there should be no public illusion over this.
Democratic republic is and should be the goal of all of us. That is the desire of Nepalese. SPA should respect it.
Express your comments over his interview.
(ps:based on the interview which can be played in Merosansar

3 Responses to “Prachanda to become Public”

  1. sanobhai Says:

    It seems like there are two possible reasons the peace talk might fail.

    1. The government is not able to agree on “unconditional” assembly to write the constitution.

    2. The government is not able to bring outside supervision to watch both the armies.

    Even though there is a popular will strongly for the first point I am not sure if there is a strong backing for the second one. If there is no strong backing for the second item, the government probably will hesitate a lot. Just other day, I read some minister saying “We don’t need outside mediators, we can solve our own problems by doing direct talks with the Maoists”. I am not sure if this position only applies for talk mediation or also for weapon supervision.

    In terms of negotiation, Maoists probably already have a moral higher ground because the parties apparantly went against the understanding by reinstating the parliament. So, the parties seem to be in a bit of difficulty.

    Because of this uncertainty, we probably will not be seeing Prachanda anytime soon if he insists that he will show up only after he is sure there will be breakthroughs.

  2. kishor Says:

    > Prachanda has agreed to come out of his cave!
    I just wonder how this cave would look like.

  3. oh NO Says:

    You know guys, i hope that Mr. Prachanda or Baburam would come to become a Prime minister or a president for a long term,so i think that could be great refome of the nation to make an another switzerland otherwise those same shit like Girija will the hell forever

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