Abuse of Privileges by the So-Called VIPs

Several VIPs who have had high level government posts in the past have been abusing the security people. Kantipur says that despite some provisions against such abuse, it has been in practice.
Senior officers of all three security agencies have been obliging their previous bosses by illegitimately providing security guards, communication equipment and weapons, even after the latter left their offices. The beneficiaries enjoy the facilities for the favors they did to security officials.Security personnel posted at such so called VIPs’ residences are often misused for washing clothes, cooking/cleaning, paying utility bills and driving.

This is a really bad trend which has plagued Nepal for long. Even during the multi-party era, this was there in place and now also it is continuing. Kantipur further writes:

Former Home Minister Dan Bahadur Shahi is one of such VIPs enjoying the continued service of a dozen security personnel at his residence. According to our source, the privilege is due to Shahi’s contribution in transferring his relative SSP Kesh Bahadur Shahi to the post of chief of District Police Office, Hanumandhoka. Kun Dev Shah, a security personnel, washes clothes and cooks food for the former minister.

What are these so-called VIPs thinking? They are treating the government employees as their slaves. They should be dealt with properly, otherwise this trend will continue. The leaders have been cited for misuse of power and authority among others in the past and we cannot be assured that it won’t repeat in the future. Hence, Nepalese should be vigilant over such activities.

(ps:visit http://kantipuronline.com/kolnews.php?&nid=73036 for the original article)


6 Responses to “Abuse of Privileges by the So-Called VIPs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hari Sharma,

    I (st) took your advice and have come through your link in UWB.

    They have started to moderate too much and have delayed my posts for hours, so in effect no one get to read it.

    I’m sorry if I’m off the topic, but a recent article by Thomas Marks leads me to believe how correct he is in his assessment. Further, although Marks and Mohan Bikram Singh may be far apart in their political beliefs, it is of no surprise to me that they come to the same conclusion on the likes of the maoists – they are not to be trusted. I think no other person would know Prachanda et al better than Mr. Singh who was their leader when we had a functioning parliamentary democracy, and I am sorry to say he does not give them the benefit of doubt. They have to lay down their arms fullstop, until that happens in the line of Marks, the parties better heal their relationship with the security forces and there should be no talk of going back into the barracks until the maoists give up arms entirely and can be treated as common law abiding citizens.
    It is a shame that the parliament does what is popular but is so weak to do what is correct. Maoist comrades who have indulged in killing common people and journalists and party cadres have to be tried. For me and many others these are the martyrs and true democrats. Where is their honour and justice? The media have to rise up above the power politics and do what is right and not what is easy.

  2. sanobhai Says:

    In addition to solving this problem by activie vigilence on the VIPs, I think we should have regulation that tells each deployed security personnel that if they wash dishes or do laundry or other household chores for ther VIP then they would be breaking the rule and be punished. The security personnel should also be required to report immediately to some institution that can guarantee their job and safety after the whistle is blown. Until job and personal safety of the whistle blower is guaranteed, this kind of abuse will always happen because if you are a small guy and a big guy asks you to wash dishes, what are you to do?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Mr. Sharma:

    what the hell u think u are doing??

    come our of your theoritical world?

    Have you ever been involved in any kind of protest………

    it’s very easy to comment than to be really involved in it…….

    GO to OCEAN City and earn some money during the summer…….

  4. Freedom Lovers Says:

    First of all, what has this topic to do with whether I was involved in protests or not?
    Secondly, what do you mean by “come out of your theoretical world?” Are you trying to say that the abuse of privileges are normal in daily life and hence they should be allowed? Help yourself with this idea.
    Third, I don’t have time to go to OC for work, I have various other important things to do in the summer. If you need detail, email me but don’t flood out here about my personal life. And, if you are writing OC to make you feel superior,understand the sentiments of thousands of Nepali students.

  5. santosh@maine Says:

    ya what kind of crap is this..who is this anonymous guy craping about going to OC and working..these are hard working students who earn and pay their fees..try to direct ur anger towards leaders or others..dont try to humilate student humble efforts..they just want to study and pursue better lives in future

  6. other Says:

    Ohh really? Nepalese student are working in OC as prostitution or what ? pls be clear friend. I’m confused now

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