Against Communism, Socialism & Egalitarianism


Egalitarianism is the most poisonously false and destructive myth ever foisted on our people. Though it is contrary to even the most cursory observation of the real world, egalitarianism has its destructive power in its appeal to the inferior, to the envious, and to the resentful. It says to the loser, to the sluggard, to the dull, the clumsy, and the drab: “You are just as deserving as the winner; you are just as strong and agile, just as bright and creative, just as imaginative and energetic, just as brave and skillful, just as beautiful and admirable in every way. The only reason you are a loser and he is a winner is that you have been cheated, and he has been given an unfair advantage.”

Dr. William Pierce wrote in the year 2000 for Free Speech under the title “Capitalism and Equality.” And this seems to explain the “deep hole” inside the whole idea about communism, socialism and egalitarianism. This also explains the need for free market approach with personal liberty,respect for freedom and limited government. However, would this idea be relevant in case of Nepal? China is progressing with such a high growth rate despite the fact that it is still a communist state(It has liberalized its economy a lot in the last couple of decades though). What explains the failure of Russia?
We need to contemplate on the right mix for our country. Is a little bit of socialism required? USA is doing all the welfare jobs while advocating capitalistic policies. So, why not have socialism in Nepal? Nepal lags far behind other nations in terms of economic development but does this imply a significant role for the government to play? Should we have welfare programs? These are the questions for debate.
Another idea of this piece was to make us think on how we should move ahead with the development program. Should we have active government role or should we have the government as a facilitator? Should the government be limited to public goods or should it actively participate in the growth of other industries too?
The debate is open to you people…

One Response to “Against Communism, Socialism & Egalitarianism”

  1. sanobhai Says:

    When state operated (with majority stake) banks are handed over to foreign management and consulting companies, they turn around and start making profits. Does this show that the government has no capability to run even existing institutions?

    At this rate, we might have to start handing over ministries to these corporations so they can be run efficiently.

    We can ask if government should be involved in other things or not once we know that the government is not bogged down by dead weight (employees, dead end projects, interference from “higher up” people)

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