Should We Trust the Politicians?

Nepalese politicians are among the most notorious. Can we ever trust them? However, do we have alternatives? Should we trust them?
How about we, the civil society, maintain a constant watch over their actions? Does this help us achieve our goals?

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6 Responses to “Should We Trust the Politicians?”

  1. aboutBlank Says:

    haha sharmaji you beat another bunch of UWB users who were unhappy with the moderation. Nevermind. We will use it to host porns and pirates software.

  2. Freedom Lovers Says:

    Well brother,
    It is for sincere advocates of democracy. We know we are decent and responsible. So, I don’t think we need moderation here.

    As for the topic, I believe we should allow the leaders to work but monitor them closely so that they won’t deviate from the demands of Nepalese people.

  3. prakash Says:

    the way i look at it, most nepalese cannot trust either the king, the maoists and the politicians. the way i look at it, the king is out of the picture, and the maoists are terrorists. that leaves only the political parties. while i do not trust them as such, i would still be in favour of them as they are the lesser of three devils if you maky call it that. they are the best option we have. yes, their actions need to be scrutinized consistently.

  4. Deepesh Says:

    I agree with Prakash. i think that the political parties are the lesser of the three devils so, we really don’t have a choice. it’s a pity that our country is in such a catch 22 situation.

    jay nepa,

  5. Freedom Lovers Says:

    I tend to agree with most of you guys on that we are out of alternatives here. We can shove the politicians but we can’t do that to maoists or freaking king. However, we need to maintain a constant vigilance over their activities.
    They have played a great role in bringing this situation to our country and we should watch out for such actions. Maoists may have in part the fruit of rampant corruption and regional discrimination of then governments. So, these freaks should take the responsibility for that as well.
    However, at the end, we have to rely on them as they are the one without guns and they are largely based on our support.

  6. sanobhai Says:

    I think we need to give our political leaders some slack here. We should also be a little patient.

    If everybody else in the country is busy taking care of one’s own family, then it is unreasonable to expect the politicians to solve all the problems. Now that the civic groups are active and watching the government, there is a hope that political leaders have motivation to do a better job.

    So, the right question to ask is, “Should we trust the people?”. Once we know for sure that people are starting to care about what is happening, the political leaders will either work hard or get fired.

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